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Felix H. Morales Funeral Home, Houston TX
Felix H. Morales Funeral Home - Northside, Houston TX

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Felix H. Morales Funeral Home

2901 Canal St, Houston TX 77003
FD# 576
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  • Candle Wall

    Many of our families also make use of our beautiful candle wall – to light a candle and say a prayer in memory of their loved one. It is infusing the memorial service with these kinds of personal moments – that tie into a person’s faith, traditions, and wishes that really helps a family begin down the road to healing.

  • Reception/Event Space

    Morales Radio Hall located at 111 N. Ennis St. was renovated in 2015. It features space for up to 150 guest seats, two large TV screens, audio system, island with full size refrigerator. Book your event today. Visit www.moralesradiohall.com

  • Murals

    Our two murals commissioned in July of 2018. Muertos Mural faces 111 N. Ennis St. Segundo Barrio Mural faces Navigation St.

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