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Oftentimes the best way to get a sense of how you’ll feel is to hear directly from families that have held services for loved ones at Morales Funeral Home. We invite you to read and explore a range of testimonials and get the best sense possible of what your experience can be. Please ask us any questions, any time. We want nothing more than to help you through a difficult time with ease, peace and healing.

“Fair price for cremation services. They did what they said they would and customer service was great. Glad to have used them”

Matt Fryar September 15, 2021

“The staff at Morales Funeral Home were very compassionate and did an amazing job walking us through the process.”

C. Note August 24, 2021

“I highly recommend Felix. H. Morales Funeral home to anyone at need. staff is very professional and very kind. During my Father’s viewing, Mario was very helpful and comforting. I want to give a special Thanks to Mr. Joey Morales, Destiny and Victor. They were all super helpful through our arrangements, Thank you so much for making this process easy and smooth in this painful decision, thank you so so much for all the help and support.”

Elvira Gonzalez July 20, 2021

“Every staff member was friendly and understanding of our pain. They would answer our calls at all hours of the day and night. We've used Morales services 2 other times prior to this recent loss. This loss was extremely hard on our family and the way the staff at Morales took care of everything it made it less painful. I can not thank them enough for how they treated our family and took care of our loved one. They are all amazing.”

Angelica Zamarripa June 24, 2021

“When my father passed away, Victor and all the friendly staff from Morales Funeral Home were there to provide us with much needed comfort and provided us with the best funeral package that we could afford. I would definitely recommend Morales Funeral Home and staff to all my family and friends. Thank you all so much!!”

Juan Cantu June 22, 2021

“My sister passed away a little over a month ago and it was definitely a very unsuspected death, so my family and I were very devastated by this tragedy that we were going to have to live with for the rest of our lives. My mom suggested we have Morales Funeral Home host my sister's funeral because they had previously cremated my uncle (my mom's brother) 2 years ago and my mom was greatly satisfied with their services. Honestly, I'm glad we did!! Morales Funeral Home did a great job hosting my sister's service. My mom, my brother and I walked in one day, spoke to Mr. Morales and he laid out all the details and pricing. He was very thorough with everything he spoke to us about....however, the real satisfaction came with how much Mr. Morales and Staff showed their sincere concern for my family and I. They were very nice and cared about our feelings. Their condolences to my family and I is what truly meant the most to me. We were highly satisfied and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Funeral Home Services.”

Christina Gonzales May 29, 2021

“The Morales staff gave me and my family professional assistance in the Planning process and on the day of my nephew’s funeral. I highly recommend Morales Funeral to any family seeking professional funeral planning and services. They will give you kindness and much care as you are planning your loved ones funeral. I was especially thankful and grateful to the Morales staff with the special care and respect they took when they picked up my nephew’s body. Morales has also provided funeral services for my mother and father as well and my family is content knowing that we can continue to depend on their excellent funeral services in the future.”

Judy Cruz May 14, 2021

“Fueron muy amables en los momentos difíciles para nuestra familia.”

Guadalupe Castillo May 14, 2021

“My aunt was in hospice care and her passing was so hard for our family. When the hospice team gave me information to reach out to start making funeral arrangements I was lost. Lost in grief and being from a different state made it so much more difficult. Called different funeral homes and Morales Funeral Home gave our family the best support since the first contact. The process to transfer our loved one to another state was smooth and prompt. In a bad time Morales Funeral was a great support. Thank you for your service in our time of need.”

Lucy Arellano May 04, 2021

“The funeral director and staff at Morales funeral home were very compassionate and helpful during this difficult time. Entire staff there were very helpful, responsive, and easy to communicate during this experience. Many thanks to Destiny, Mario, Maria, Marlene and rest of the staff.”

Edward Varela April 26, 2021

“Morales was such a great support during these difficult times. I’m definitely happy with their service but it was the extra things they did that meant a lot to me. Such as following up with ETAs and making sure we got everything we needed as we were in California as well as checking in with my family to see how we were doing too. I highly recommend them.”

Seam Yin April 05, 2021

“Morales Funeral Home was warm and responsive and treated the whole process of my mother’s death with kindness and empathy. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Pauline Lyders March 30, 2021

“Service was great, they Handled my uncle’s cremation and a very professional manner checked on my family after a week or so and continue to do so to make sure we were doing well.”

Christopher Abrego March 22, 2021

“The manager and staff at Morales Funeral Home made my family feel like we were their most important client. During a time when many families are making final arrangements for a loved one, the Morales group was courteous, caring, and focused on making families feel they are working with dear friends. My sister and I both appreciated the call asking us how we are doing and if we needed help with anything.”

Martha Rivera March 19, 2021

“Unfortunately, the passing of loved ones is a part of life and I've had my share of loved ones passing. However, the passing of my Madre, was thē most difficult to endure. Morales Funeral Home was the most helpful of any of the funeral homes I've had to deal with. They were honest, patient, and amazingly helpful. They went way above and beyond to help us. I'm forever grateful.”

ANTHONY JUAREZ March 08, 2021

“Morales Funeral home is one of a kind! Victor, Hector, and Maria & all staff are so kind and wonderful. Even through all the pandemic chaos they were able to provide a beautiful service for my father Gabino. They are really helpful and understanding and answer all your questions. Prices are reasonable and the service is exceptional! I never thought I'd be in need of a funeral home service any time this soon but they helped me so much. I definitely recommend Morales funeral home for your loved one's service's.”

Rebecca Reyna March 02, 2021

“I want to express my highest gratitude to Morales Funeral Home for their services. Despite the whole crazy pandemic, they were able to accommodate and help my family with the process of the passing of my beloved grandfather. The whole staff was very helpful ,professional and understanding. Their customer service was beyond excellent. They guided my family with the upmost respect and understanding of such a hard process. I was beyond satisfied from beginning to end. From Joe being there from day one and answering every question and concern we had to the encouraging words and uplifting messages from Angelina ... thank you again for everything...”

Jayla Juarez February 19, 2021

“On behalf of my mother, and the rest of The Fernandez Family, I can wholeheartedly recommend Felix H. Morales Funeral Home. Throughout the years my family members have gone to Morales for their services. This past November of 2020, my father passed and we immediately called Morales. They are the most helpful, empathetic, professionals I have seen. They are very understanding and helped ease the process. My father was taken very good care of and the service was even more beautiful. They are extremely kind hearted and made sure my mother was okay every step of the way. Even a month after the service they called to check up on my mother. I have NEVER heard of a funeral home doing that and it was very genuine! That will forever stick to me. Thank you so much to everybody there taking care of my family and I during a terrible moment in all of our lives. Thank you for doing what y’all do and keeping the family in mind first! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Alexis Fernandez February 02, 2021

“Hi Angelina! Aww. You guys are so sweet. Please let Mr. Morales know you all have been great. We were actually up there this last Saturday and Hector was phenomenal and Victor helped coordinate our services. He was awesome too. Wonderful service. It our sensitive time in need you all provided great service. One less item to worry about and gives us the opportunity to grieve. Our family have been using the Morales Funeral hone for years. We appreciate what you all do. Thank you for the follow up.”

Yolanda Martinez January 29, 2021

“Grieving is an important part of us when losing a loved one. We have to admit we can’t always grieve completely/right away .Let alone plan for our loved one funeral services . Being my first time to step up and make arrangements for my late father passing. I had no clue how to start the process. Through another conversation weeks before, my cousin mentioned Morales Funeral Home. He talked about his positive experience with the staff. As he planned for his mother’s passing. So, I called my cousin and asked if he could refer the person he worked with at Morales Funeral Home. I met with Joe Morales . Being the best decision I made . Joe and the staff at Morales Funeral Home made it personal and memorable for my family. The dedicated staff met all our needs , requests and had patience and understanding . I can’t explain this enough. How professional Joe and the staff are. I haven’t came across this type of professionalism in a very long time. My family and I were very impressed! Not to mention the staff worked long hours with a smile on their face . The quality of the business (Felix H. Morales Funeral Home) is highly recommended.”

Google User January 20, 2021

“Thank you all so much for there services you all provided my family. Victor Sanchez and Mario were so awesome. They made things so smooth and were so understanding. We've had many and I mean many family members through Morales Funeral home. I went on December 9, 2020 for my grandmother. You all handled my grandmother's body with such care and respect and I thank you all for that. Her service was so beautiful. I had to have called up there about 100 times and each time I called I was helped. My family was back for my uncle unexpectedly at the end of December. He was also picked up by you're crew and it so just as smooth as can be. We will most definitely being going back for future services, hopefully not soon.Thank you, I most definitely recommend Morales Funeral home.”

tiffany soliz January 12, 2021

“It was a pleasure doing business with Morales Funeral Home. In my opinion, they have very fair prices and their services are top notch. Victor was the associate that we worked with. He was very calm, professional, kind, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. This place is a hidden gem in Houston! My family and I were very well taken care of. It is difficult to lose a loved one and can be overwhelming having to make all the necessary funeral arrangements but Morales Funeral Home take care of everything for you so that you can focus on remembering and mourning your departed loved ones. Thank you Morales Funeral Home!”

Christian Anaya December 17, 2020

“A beautiful facility with a caring staff.”

Harold Wilson December 16, 2020

“Love Morales Funeral home. Going through alot at the moment and they've been helping me through it. Not rushing me or forcing me to make any wrong decisions. They work with you and most of, THEY CARE. Thanks Joe Morales for the support.”

Kimberly Zamora December 16, 2020

“The care and consideration I received from Morales Funeral surpassed all my expectations. The kindness, care and compassion I received from the employees were beyond my expectations. I would like to especially thank Joe Morales as he was patient, caring and showed deep compassion and attended to every detail. The staff at Morales Funeral home is to be commended for their care, compassion and patience during this difficult time in my life. I highly recommend Morales Funeral home.”

Lenora Sorola-Pohlman December 09, 2020

“They were amazing . Caring and there to help with everything . They made it so we really didn't have to worry about anything . Answered any questions we had . They made a very dark time in my families history a lot easier . We had time to grieve and they handled everything. We are truly grateful for how they were there .”

Hassen Ramirez December 06, 2020

“A wonderful funeral home and very professional..”

Jose Ramos December 04, 2020

“Morales Funeral Home is nice and clean. Victor Sanchez was our coordinator and did an awesome job helping us with all the funeral arrangements. He was always available to answer any of our questions and was willing to accommodate us with our special request. During such a tough time, Morales Funeral Home made the difficult process of giving our loved one a final, respectful farewell more bearable.”

Maria December 04, 2020

“Felix Morales funeral home was amazing they walked us through the process and answered all our questions ,They were able to accommodate all of Family members. We were able to say goodbyes to our loved one as a whole family We were at ease that our loved one was very well taken care of during their stay at Morales funeral home ,everything that we requested was done. Staff was very kind and very respectful . Everything was nice and clean and everything was very well organized. Thank you for everything you did for our family take care and God bless🙏🏼🙏🏼”

Maria Berrios December 03, 2020

“My wife passed from COVID. Morales handled all of the funeral arrangements. I found their service respectful. They returned telephone calls promptly. What was most noticeable was their empathy in conversations. I highly recommend.”

Alastair Livingstone December 03, 2020

“A very smooth transition and the people are here were very helpful in our time of need. Thank you so much.”

Melissa Gonzales December 03, 2020

“Highly recommend. My family has had two great experiences with Morales Funeral Home. Very kind and professional people.”

AJ Tooke October 08, 2020

“Morales Funeral treated me and our family with the utmost respect from the beginning to end. They are patient, compassionate, kind and very informative throughout the entire process. Organizing these events are not fun so working with a great company like Morales Funeral is a breath of fresh air. If you are looking for a reputable and dependable company for an extremely important and sensitive event look no further.”

Carlos Crusco November 10, 2020

“It was a pleasure doing business with Morales Funeral Home. In my opinion, they have very fair prices and their services are top notch. Victor was the associate that we worked with. He was very calm, professional, kind, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. This place is a hidden gem in Houston! My family and I were very well taken care of. It is difficult to lose a loved one and can be overwhelming having to make all the necessary funeral arrangements but Morales Funeral Home take care of everything for you so that you can focus on remembering and mourning your departed loved ones. Thank you Morales Funeral Home!”

Christian Anaya November 16, 2020

“Thank you for helping us give our grandmother a peaceful and beautiful goodbye into her next journey. They made sure she looked beautiful, the ambiance made us feel comfortable and at peace we chose a nice place. The staff was very attentive, a big thank you to Destiny for assisting us with all the preparations. Keep making the Morales name a legacy.”

Maria Solis July 15, 2020

“I am thankful that we found Morales Funeral Home when my Mom passed. It is never easy to lose a family member, and my Mom was my best friend and I cared for her 24/7 for the last 3 years of her life. Losing her is hard on me, and from the moment we called Morales Funeral Home, they were very helpful and consoling. They handled my Mom with care from the transportation of her body, to the handling of her cremains when I picked them up. I even had purchased my own special urns, and they helped me by putting them in the urns for me when I picked up the death certificates. The staff are all super nice and made sure I was okay, and even did follow ups with me to make sure if I was okay and needed anything. I highly recommend them to anyone in their time of need, knowing that you will get affordable services with very nice and comforting staff.”

Dianne Schoening June 12, 2020

“Morales Funeral Home did an excellent job on my Moms service. I strongly recommend them. The employees made this difficult time so much easier. My Grandmother passed away a year and a half ago and my cousin two years ago and everything was so beautiful for all. Thank You Morales for making this time in our lives much easier.”

Debbie Cervantes May 23, 2020

“My mother always spoke highly of the Morales Family and their funeral home. She told us of the great help and service the Morales gave to people of low income. She was so grateful for their kindness. Thank you Morales Family.”

Yolanda Navarro Flores

“Dear Glenda, Just a couple of lines to inform you that all of us in the Rodriguez Magallan family are very satisfied with the service you and Vanessa provided us during my mother’s funeral. We felt a unique experience under the circumstances. Such warmth and understanding, both of your cheerful and willing to help attitude. Your bosses must know they have an asset in both of you. We also would like to mention Mario, Destiny, Victor and Ruben. Please extend our gratitude to them. Attentively, Juan D Rodriguez and siblings.”

Juan D. Rodriguez January 10, 2020

“I can’t begin to describe how kind, understanding and accommodating Morales Funeral were to us for our Mothers passing. No aggressive pitches, no social media marketing tactics...would recommend them to anyone. via Facebook”

Elias Mendoza January 16, 2019

“The Morales family made us feel like family from the moment we walked in. All the staff was always friendly and extremely helpful with all our questions. Joe was absolutely opening to my picky schedule and how important it was that my Maw Maw was just perfect looking. The front staff was very helpful and I would recommend Morales Funeral Home to everyone. Thank you for making our Maw Maw Frances Walker’s funeral the best celebration of life we could have imagined. Theresa Deleon”

Theresa Deleon

“Thank you all for helping us with our last minute preparations for my aunt Ramona Turner. My family greatly appreciates everything. There are no words to express how grateful we are. Thanks to Christina, Joe Morales, Gabrielle, and Manuel. I hope I got all names right… I was so blessed to have found you all. Diane Varela”

Diane Varela

“Thank you for the professional services of Joe L. Morales and Michel, services of Mary C. Koivula who passed away January 15, 2015. Mary worked for the funeral home with Michel Gonzales. Because of the services of your Funeral Home the Colunga and Sierra services will be done with Morales Funeral Home. God Bless all the Staff, Mary is in heaven. Respectfully, Joe Sierra”

Joe Sierra May 27, 2015

“Thank you so much for your assistance in planning Uncle Angel's funeral. We appreciate your care and professionalism. We know he would be pleased with all of the arrangements.”

Fraga Family September 15, 2014

“From pre-planning to the actual event, everyone here was kind and patient with our needs and concerns. Very helpful the day of and understood our expectations. Strongly recommend to everyone!”

Andrea Mendez August 25, 2021

“Morales Funeral Home is an excellent choice when considering final arrangements. Members from my family have had services there for over 50 years and that tradition brought them to my attention when arranging services for my sister two years ago and for my father a month ago. Although tradition is important, the quality of service I received is why I highly recommend this funeral home. Morales Funeral Home does not disappoint. Not only are they professional and knowledgeable, they are compassionate, kind and tasteful. The home itself is charming and inviting. Joe Morales is an amazing funeral director. He was polite, professional, and down to earth throughout the planning process. Joe and his team were reliable during the visitation services and during the funeral mass and grave side service. Also, my father looked like himself in his casket; a detail that was important to me. I hope I don’t have to use their services again anytime soon but if I do, I would again feel comfortable with placing my loved one in their care.”

Tamara Machado July 22, 2021

“During a very difficult time for my family the staff at Morales Funeral Home made me feel comfortable in making arrangements. Destiny was so helpful in assisting and answering any questions I had. Its very comforting to know that during the most heartbreaking difficult times when a family is so vulnerable that the staff is there to help and offer their sincere condolences and assistance.”

Sonia Garcia July 05, 2021

“Great experience! The workers are very nice and respectful. Joe went above and beyond to help me. Even a month after my husbands services they were checking on me to make sure I was ok.”

Lisa Guevara June 23, 2021

“The service was very nice and professional. They handle our love one with respect.”

Michelle Valle June 03, 2021

“Joey Morales and the entire staff at Morales Funeral Home provided an exceptional experience with the arrangements of the loss of my loving and beautiful mother. The staff were friendly, compassionate. kind and professional during every aspect of this difficult time. Every request was fulfilled and there was no detail over looked. My mother looked graceful and at peace. I felt no stress or pressure because they handled everything with ease and sensitivity. They treated our family and took care of my mother like we were one of their family members. I will be forever grateful to them.”

Yolanda S. Barrientes May 27, 2021

“I would like to take a minute to give appreciation to the Morales Funeral Home. From the first conversation over the phone, the arrangement process, date of service for my dad, and also weeks afterwards of staff reaching out to me concerned making sure if I needed anything they were there to help. They made me feel like they were part of my family too, going through what we were going through. Their professionalism is a plus. Loved the whole staff honorable and respectful. From the bottom of my heart, myself and my family we want to Thank you! God Bless You.”

Diane Robinson May 14, 2021

“They were very professional and explained very well the process and service offered , they answered all of our questions trough the process Mother in law had the funeral service in Houston and they also arranged and completed the international transportation to the body to Mexico Thank you”

Google User May 13, 2021

“Destiny and ALL the people at Felix H. Morales Funeral Home were so wonderful during such a difficult time. We live in Tennessee and Ron passed away in Texas. This made making arrangements more complicated especially during this time of covid. Destiny guided us throughout this process and kept us informed on every detail. I want to express my appreciation to the Morales Funeral Home for the kindness they showed our family.”

Ron Derks April 30, 2021

“We have used Felix H. Morales services twice in the past two years. Although, the process was difficult, Joe, the service director , was more than willing to go out of his way to help in anyway he could. My family and I are extremely grateful for their services. Rosario Ponce”

Ana Grant April 06, 2021

“This home knows that the only people who need their services are under a lot of stress. There is no hassle; there are no delays. Just knowledgeable, straightforward, understanding, quick service. None of it is 'fun' or 'easy,' but they will walk you through everything one step at a time and make sure it's all done. Trust them. Thank you to Joe Morales and the front office staff.”

Joby Bell April 02, 2021

“Joe M . and the entire staff at Morales Funeral Home were very helpful, supportive and professional during a difficult time for our family. My family and friends from Houston and from out of town were impressed with the facility and the services provided. Thank you Joe for all your help.”

Oscar Pena March 23, 2021

“I highly recommend Morales Funeral Home they treated us with dignity and respect And where very helpful but what really impressed me was days after they reached out to me and my family to see how we doing and to tell us they where thinking about us and that it was honor to provide service for our loved one. The owner of this place should be proud of her staff they displayed professionalism along with caring and respect for our family .”

Anna Lacombe March 22, 2021

“Joe Morales and his team provided compassionate and supportive care to me, my family, and all guests who attended my mom's funeral services. From start to finish they were kind, respectful, and exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend their services in your time of need.”

Yvonne Gonzales March 12, 2021

“Thank you Morales Funeral Home Staff for your service and support during this difficult time. Not even the winter storm stopped you all from doing great work, even if it had it challenges due to the storm . You helped us create a beautiful service for my father , a man that not only provided and protected us , but also help serve his community. The staff was courteous and professional , facilities are clean, and social distancing measures were in place. They are also affordable and right in the second ward neighborhood. A special thank you to: Joe Morales for checking in on our family and your assistance Victor Sanchez , funeral director for organizing services and accommodation of special request. Hector Beltran for your assistance and providing community resources. Ms. Angelina for checking in on our family and providing comfort during the grieving process.”

Jennifer Vasquez March 05, 2021

“I want to thank Morales Funeral Home for working with us when we lost my Mom, Dad and brother. They went above and beyond to help us get the best price for our services. They were real comforting and understood our pain. The place is very beautiful and peaceful. So thank you so much and I would never go anywhere else.”

Alva Duran February 23, 2021

“There's really only one word to describe the Morales Funeral home staff, incredible. They treated my family and I with the utmost respect, courtesy, and humility. They stayed in frequent communication with us, and reached out to check on me and my family even after my Aunt's service. Not to mention the beautiful selections they had for the memorial service and the extremely reasonable pricing. Overall, I wish I could give a 10 star review. Last note, they worked with us so well, even though my family and I were almost 1,000 miles away. The Morales Funeral, has, and always will have, my full fledged endorsement for all of your needs. They make a very difficult time period, less stressful and make it seamless.”

Julian Vasquez February 16, 2021

“Morales Funeral Homes were very friendly, warm, responsive and caring. We feel very fortunate to have found them during our difficult time, as they were able to coordinate the service from afar, and we were able to focus on family. Thank you for your support during, and the follow up with our family weeks after the service to ensure we had the resources we needed.”

Josh Penry February 01, 2021

“Morales Funeral Home did everything to make our family feel comfortable and treated us with respect and dignity. My mother’s service was the day after Christmas and everything was done according to the contract and we did not have any issues and they were accommodating of all of our requests. Thank you for helping our family view and honor my mother in the way she would have always wanted. The funeral home itself is spacious and centrally located. I definitely recommend them.”

Yara Saldana January 25, 2021

“I highly recommend Felix. E Morales Funeral home yo anyone in need. They’re staff is very professional and very kind. During my Father’s viewing, Mario was very helpful and comforting. I want to give a special Thanks to Mr. Joey Morales, Destiny and Victor. They were all super helpful through our purchasing process. Thank you so much for making this process easy and smoothly for my family.”

Elvira Gonzalez January 20, 2021

“Mi familia y yo estamos tan satisfechos con este lugar , en medio de todo el dolor que contrae la pérdida de un ser querido a ver tomado los servicios de Félix morales fue la mejor opción son tan amables , atentos , prestan atención a los detalles en fin , son la mejor opción que pueden tener lo recomiendo 100% . Perdí a mi ser querido en medio de esta pandemia tenía que repatriar los restos de mi ser querido a nuestro país de origen había leído que era un proceso largo y complicado pero ellos se encargaron de todo absolutamente todo y eso era un alivio para nosotros y en dos semanas mi querido estaba siendo sepultado y lo agradesco mucho fue absolutamente rápido y era lo que habías estado buscando en otros lugares pero nadie lo ofreció , asta que encontramos a Félix morales funeral home , nunca tendré las palabras suficientes para agradecer tan excelente servicio , fuimos atendidos por Víctor y fue de tanta ayuda para nosotros todas sus recomendaciones , si pudiera darles 100 estrellas de puntuación se las daría , mil gracias 🙂”

Dora Castro December 21, 2020

“My son died in car accident so we were not expecting this. He is the youngest of my kids and this has bee so heartbreaking and difficult for all of us. Morales Funeral home took such great care of us! They made the process simply at a time where your mind is struggling to understand what’s happening! I can not say enough about the kindness, sincere, compassion they had for me and my family and still do a month after. That was totally unexpected. I appreciate them so much and would recommend them from the bottom of my heart. The prices were reasonable and the facilities were the best! Thank you from the De La Cruz family !!!”

Maria Imperial December 16, 2020

“FELIX H. MORALES FUNERAL HOME was the best experience one could expect when dealing with the loss of a loved one. During this Political Pandemic their prices were most affordable in comparison to 7 other Funeral Homes. They were very kind, attentive, & seemed to genuinely care about our family. Glad we found them.”

L.I.L.I PROPERTIES December 16, 2020

“Morales Funeral Home did an excellent job for my dad’s funeral in October of this year. They also stayed in touch to make sure I was doing okay a month later. Morales exceeded our expectations! The staff was so helpful and kind. Thank you for what you did for our family.”

Romelia Soliz December 10, 2020

“Although this Funeral Home is located in downtown Houston, which may seem inconvenient to some, it is centrally located and very easy to access. They have been in business a long time, and provided excellent service for our family as we honored our Mom. Everyone was very nice and helpful throughout the process, very prompt in answering questions and returning calls. I am comfortable recommending them to anyone who asks.”

R. Felton December 08, 2020

“I want to express my gratitude to Morales Funaral Home for ther services. despite the pandemic they were able to help me on my wife service ,The whole staf was very helpful ,professional and understanding ,there customer sevice has excellent, They guide me through the right process so my wife hade the perfect sevice . I was so satisfied I have arranged my funeral service for when my time comes. Thank you all at Morales Funeral Home .”

Jorge December 05, 2020

“No pudimos escoger mejor lugar! Desde la primera llamada, nos trataron con mucho cariño y empatía. Todo el servicio fue espectacular... incluso pusieron ciertos detalles ya q se tomaron la molestia de conocernos y de conocer lo q le gustaba a mi hijo. Estaremos siempre agradecidos....”

Patricia Canales December 04, 2020

“We want to thank the Morales funeral home for all the help and support they provided to us during the loss of our nephew. They assisted with the transport of the body from Dallas to Houston. The body was beautifully prepared for viewing. Thank you for helping us say our final goodbye to our beautiful angel.”

Gloria Ramirez-Scully December 04, 2020

“My husband sadly passed away in September. My family and I were devastated and we did not know what to do. It was a blessing to have the Morales Funeral Home make the arrangements, they took care of everything, they treated us like family. I’m forever grateful, especially to Joe Morales he was very helpful and professional.”

Angela Gonzales December 03, 2020

“Morales Funeral Home and staff in our most vulnerable state, gave us comfort and assurance that all would be taken care of. Ww had nothing to worry about. From the first moment to the last when my Mom was being buried Morales Funeral Home was there for my whole family. We are forever grateful. Thank you for each and every little detail. The Davila Family ❤🙏”

Mary Davila December 03, 2020

“Professional and clean. Great place for a Halloween party too.”

Martin Villagomez August 31, 2020

“Very spacious. Multiple rooms for viewing. Restrooms are available. Cover mask over face is mandatory through out the building.”

Melany October 10, 2020

“Joe and his team went above and beyond for my family, at our time of loss. We are beyond grateful for everything that they did for us.”

Google User November 01, 2020

“Morales Funeral Home did an excellent job on my Dads service. Really good prices and Mr. Victor a excellent and nice guy, I strongly recommend them.”

Tania Vasquez July 16, 2020

“I just wanted to share my experience I had with Morales Funeral Home. We just buried my grandfather today 07/08/2020. My family entrusted our loved one with them, just as we did my father back in September of 2017. They we’re & continue to be a very caring, professional & excellent funeral home. The entire staff was very helpful, understanding & professional. Destiny & Hector helped me every step of the way. This entire Covid pandemic made things very difficult for us, but we got through it with the help of Morales Funeral home. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart & for taking care of my father & grandfather! Respectfully, Thomas Garcia Jr.”

Thomas Garcia July 08, 2020

“When our mother passed, we were trying to deal with our grief and turned to Morales Funeral Home to help us navigate through the process of arrangements for our mother. Joe is an absolute professional. He was compassionate, and responsive to our needs and requests. From the legal aspects to all other needs he was there to make us comfortable and gave us the comfort that we knew we were getting the best service and advice that we could of asked for. I highly recommend them . Thank you Joe.”

Bryan Slaven May 16, 2020

“My family has used Morales for services several times. I want to thank all of you for everything you have done to provide your services to my family during our time of need. Everything was planned and executed perfectly. We couldn't have asked for more. The drive by our home was especially comforting. Your thoughtfulness was truly appreciated. Thank You - Ramirez Family”

Madie Montana May 19, 2020

“We had a great experience from the beginning, didn't have to worry about anything. Mr. Manuel and staff were very attentive, we received great service.”

Violeta Alvarado January 19, 2020

“The Morales family has been a true blessing for me. They took care of my brother, sister and brother n law and now my husband which he passed a month ago. Thank you for being there for me and my family. I will be there too when my time comes. via Facebook”

Irma Garza January 10, 2019

“Morales Funeral Home and Staff. Just two small works to express so much gratitude. Your thoughtfulness, kindness and professionalism was greatly appreciated- Hilarui Castri and Fam Thank you for your kindness in regards to my sister, Lydia Trevino. Her Sister, Angie Smith Thank you for helping me during this difficult time, Cesar Sanchez, Joe Morales, Rudyard Bonilla-Rose Ferestad”

Rose Ferestad

“I wanted to take the time out to send this letter expressing my appreciation and to say thank you so very much for how every item regarding Ernest James (Jimmy) Castro’s funeral and our family during this time of grief was very well taken care of. It was taken care of to the upmost expectation. When I first walked into the Morales Funeral Home and met with Ms. Christina Morales, she was so very helpful and so attentive to all of my needs. She explained everything in detail and I left the funeral home feeling very content. When the time came that my dad expired, Mr. Joe Morales and Mr. Manuel Guerra were very attentive and supportive to me and my needs. From day one until the burial of my dad, every detail was attended to with respect and dignity. I personally would highly, highly recommend Morales Funeral Home to anyone that ask and would speak nothing but the best rapport regarding Morales Funeral Home. Lila Lynn Garza, Daughter of Mr. Ernest James (Jimmy) Castro”

Daughter of Mr. Ernest James (Jimmy) Castro

“My mother’s funeral service was held there on July 7th and 8th. I don’t usually ever write to give feed back, but I wanted to let you know what a phenomenal staff you have there. Starting with Cesar and the rest of the gentlemen I dealt with, they went above and over their way to make sure we had everything we needed and that things were done before we even came across. I didn’t know what to expect, but I have to tell you that everyone was absolutely pleased with the whole service and the attention to detail on everything. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through in my 28 years of life and am extremely grateful that your staff made is that much more tolerable. May God Bless every single one of you for all that you do. Family Served”

Family Served

“To Mr. Guerra I did not want to let another day pass without taking the time to express our deepest appreciation for all your efforts in assisting us as we celebrated the life and homecoming of our father. You carefully led us through the process while allowing us to grieve along the way, yet making us feel as though you were personally vested rather than performing a professional duty. You were relentless at providing for us at each and every turn. Although you deal with this on a daily basis, we truly appreciate your professionalism and guidance during this difficult time. Our family wishes to extend to you our sincere thanks for the services you gave to our grieving family. Thank you many! Cynthia Coojler Sincerely, The family of Francisco Velasquez”

The family of Francisco Velasquez